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About Us :
ST.Mary's Classes :
Not just an institution, but actually a monastery where the teaching cult shapes thousands of destinies in its own hands every year . So each passing year has always shown in the merit count. This history of success for St.Marys has remained unchallenged since the last 26 years. Years when the faces of fierce business forces ,which saw education as just a fast finan cial routes have both appeared § Disappered .

The St.Marys Success history is however likely to repeat itself forever So its high time you stopped wasting time and join St.Mary's where more chapters in the saga of succesful teaching are churned out . So get ready to colour your child's dreams . To Construct his ambitions . To Create a flying career for him . And to procure him a secure future here at St.Marys Classes.

Where Serving young souls a Well grounded education is supposed to be the only sacred task
  • X-I.C Batch 8am to 11am --- 2nd Dec 2012
  • X-Scholars Batch 8am to 11 am--- 14 Apr 2013
  • X-Regular Batch 8am to 11 am --- 19th May 2013
  • VII § IX Regular Barch 8am to 9 am --26th May 2013